Healing Hearts Bank

What is Healing Hearts Bank?

Healing Hearts Bank is a micro-lending program that provides underserved women and families with micro-loans of up to $500 to help further their financial independence. Since opening our first Healing Hearts Bank in 2011, we have provided more than 170 loans to women in our community.

Who Do We Help?

We partner with local community organizations to provide micro-loans to underserved women and families who may not have access to traditional banking for items related to income generation, credit building and increased self-sufficiency.

How Do We Help?

Healing Hearts Bank branches operate through a partnership with community organizations, such as social service agencies. Bankers are clients of the organizations or NCJWSTL members. Bank volunteers help review loan applications and serve as a resource for program procedures, while learning valuable, marketable skills to further help them reach their goals. Our micro-loans range from $50-$500 and have an interest rate of 2.5%. All loans are reported to credit agencies in order to help borrowers build credit.

What Is Our Impact?

Since opening our first Healing Hearts Bank branch in 2011, our loans have helped borrowers find safe housing, start businesses, improve their credit scores, find employment and fulfill goals to help them achieve financial independence. Since then, more than 170 women referred from 18 partner agencies have received a Healing Hearts Bank loan.

“I want to thank NCJWSTL for giving me the most valuable gift of all, faith in myself again, to make sound and rational financial decisions. Sometimes all one needs is a chance, and, you have provided me with that chance,and for that, I am grateful.” Healing Hearts Bank Borrower –
“The dignity, discipline, self-seteem and financial independence I am achieving as a result of receiving this microloan is immeasurable and invaluable.” Healing Hearts Bank Borrower –