Jean Stein Bloch Wife Widow Woman

What Is Wife Widow Woman?

The Jean Stein Bloch Wife Widow Woman program is a support group to help women who have lost their life partners. The program’s support network bridges the gap between grief and growth as women strive to meet life’s new challenges. The program is generously underwritten by Bernard and Sally Stein and Berger Memorial.

Who Do We Help?

Women may be of any age, race or religious background. The program offers a non-judgmental atmosphere where they may freely express their feelings in a group setting. Recognizing emotions and sharing them with others assists participants as each begins to figure out her path forward.

How Do We Help?

Each group in the Wife Widow Woman program is led by a professional social worker and a lay leader familiar with the realities of losing a partner. The program creates a support system in a safe, confidential and nurturing atmosphere where common realities and challenges can be explored. Each session is 90 minutes and meets twice monthly for 5-6 months. Confidentiality and commitment to the group process are essential for a successful program. Once a group begins, it is closed to new members.

What Will You Gain?

Many widows experience shock, loneliness, guilt, anger and anguish with the loss of their companion, lover, friend, and confidante.

Participants find that the program offers a safe and supportive place to express themselves, comfort from knowing that others are listening and understanding and opportunities to explore strategies for meeting life’s new challenges.

Since its inception in 1976, over 950 women have participated in the program. Their feedback consistently affirms the benefits of learning in a supportive environment composed of women who have experienced the same loss.

“The women in my group quickly bonded over similar experiences. It was very comforting to know that we could be there for each other and are able to facilitate our own healing in the process.” Wife Widow Woman Participant–