At The Resale Shop, we accept a lot more than clothes. If you have time to give, we can use it! From receiving and processing merchandise to stocking the sales floor and assisting customers, there is plenty of ways to give. Volunteers staff our shop on a regular basis. If being part of an industrious group & making a difference interests you, volunteer today!

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities at The Resale Shop

  • Greet customers
  • Assist with customer needs
  • Monitor fitting rooms
  • Bag for cashier as needed
  • Help maintain a clean and organized sales floor
  • Receive new merchandise of every category from the back room to re-stock
  • Clean, stock and arrange new and existing merchandise in an visually appeasing way
  • Create displays, plan mannequin changes and update window/shop displays accordingly
  • Greet donors
  • Assist in unloading donations
    Assist donors with his/her receipt
  • Sort and tag merchandise for pricing
  • Assist with laundry, sewing and other housekeeping needs
  • Carry merchandise up and down the stairs for re-stock and off season storage
Enter redeemed coupons and email sign-up forms into an Excel spreadsheet
  • (Must be tech savvy with a basic knowledge of desirable china, glass wear and antique brands, markings, prices etc.)
  • Unpack houseware type donations
  • Sort, clean and tag merchandise
  • Research items such as fine china, artwork and antiques as needed
  • Price items ready to be sent to the sales floor
  • Store items being held for other events such as the Recycled Art Sale, Couturier and different holidays accordingly in the basement

Volunteers must be able to commit to a regular schedule. The amount of hours given can vary from 4-40, but a designated day and time each week is crucial in the planning and scheduling of current staff and volunteers.


  • Jane volunteers every Tuesday on the shop floor from 12-4pm.
  • Sam volunteers Tuesday and Thursday’s in the donation bay from 1-3pm.
  • Renee volunteers as a housewares assistant every other Saturday at 10am
  • Terri volunteers on the 15th of every month on her lunch hour to do data entry.
  • Jan volunteers every other Monday after she gets off work around 3:30pm until the shop closes.

Volunteers will go through extensive training for each designated job with the shop manager and appropriate staff to ensure the volunteer is comfortable in his or her new role. Volunteers will be asked to provide an emergency contact form, sign in and out for each shift and wear a volunteer name badge while working. In the event a volunteer is unable to come to a shift or will be late, a shop staff person will need to be notified as soon as possible.

Sign up to Volunteer here!

“This is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who likes clothes and accessories and enjoys the physical activity involved. There is a constant stream of donations. We don’t have a lot of down time, but we do have a lot of fun!”Linda, one of our regular volunteers