Voting: Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

What’s the difference between Mail-In Voting & Absentee Voting?


    • NCJWSTL recommends voting absentee in-person at the Board of Elections if you feel comfortable doing so.

    • You can also fill out your absentee ballots and return them curbside at the Board of Elections – There will be a person outside collecting ballots.

    • The Board of Elections does not have ballot drop-off boxes in the State of Missouri.

    • If you choose the mail-in option, please make sure to allow for at least 10 days for your ballot to be returned.

    • If you need your ballot notarized (refer to the graphic above or click here for more information), Jen Bernstein will be happy to notarize it for you at the NCJW office between 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    • Absentee and mail-in ballots must be received (NOT postmarked) by Nov 3

    • Please click here to print out a palm card with all relevant information about voting in the upcoming election.

St. Louis City Board of Elections
 300 N. Tucker
St. Louis, MO, 631010
(314) 622.4336

St. Louis County Board of Elections
 725 Northwest Plaza Drive
St. Ann, MO 63074
(314) 615.1800


Top actions you need to take:

  • Register to Vote or check your voter registration status by clicking here.
  • If you plan to vote absentee or by mail, please click here to request your absentee or mail-in ballot.
  • Know your voting deadlines for the November 3 election:
    • October 7, 2020 – Last day to register to vote
    • October 21, 2020 – Last day to request an absentee ballot
    • November 2, 2020– Last day to vote absentee in person
    • November 3, 2020– Election Day!



NCJWSTL Positions

  • As a 501c3, NCJWSTL cannot take positions on candidates. However, we CAN endorse ballot initiatives. For this election, NCJWSTL urges you to vote NO on Amendment 3, AKA Dirty Missouri. Please click here for more information on why Amendment 3 is bad for Missouri.
  • We cannot take a position on judicial retention. The Missouri Judicial Performance Review Committee has Missouri voters with their performance findings for 52 nonpartisan judges who will be up for retention in the Nov. 3, 2020, general election. Click here to access that information.