NCJWSTL’s Section Honorees

2021 Section Awards

We congratulate honorees who have received NCJWSTL 2021 Section Awards for going above and beyond in their service to NCJWSTL and the community.

Community Service Award
Arlene Baer & Patti Teper

Arlene Baer and Patti Teper were recognized for their dedicated service as Co-Chairs of NCJWSTL’s Healing Hearts Bank (HHB). Together, they oversee this program that provides low-interest micro-loans to women and families to help further their financial independence. Both Arlene and Patti spearhead communications, program development, and partnerships with agency and volunteer bankers.

From the application process, to establishing relationships with borrowers, both Arlene and Patti enjoy all aspects of working to support women and families. Borrowers may not have access to traditional banking for items related to income generation, credit building, and increased self-sufficiency, and HHB is a viable alternative to predatory lending.

Their ingenuity, perseverance, and commitment before and throughout the pandemic, has positioned Healing Hearts Bank to continue meeting the needs of the community.

Emerging Leader Award
Hillary Hinz

Hillary Hinz was honored with the Emerging Leader Award because of her outstanding commitment and sustained impact as a leader at NCJWSTL. Because of her passion for women’s issues and social justice, Hillary became involved with NCJW while living in Memphis, TN. Upon moving to St. Louis, she joined the St. Louis section, and jumped in with both feet! Hillary’s involvement includes participating on a number of committees, Co-Chairing the annual luncheon, and especially enjoys working on the Back to School! Store.

Hillary joined the board of NCJWSTL in 2016, and was installed as Vice President of Advocacy in May, having just completed her second term as Vice President of Marketing. She recently graduated from NCJWSTL’s Leadership Class. She is thrilled to be working with strong, talented women who are dedicated to the organization’s critical mission.

 Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award
Andrea Powers Schankman & Debbie Gilula

Debbie Gilula and Andrea Powers Schankman were given the Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award in May for their incredible efforts as Co-Chairs of NCJWSTL’s Get Out the Vote initiative in 2020. Together, they worked to ensure that as many people as possible were registered to vote, and had the ability to vote absentee where necessary. This included working tirelessly with many other agencies and organizations locally and across Missouri. This project included providing notaries for more than 1,500 absentee ballots at public libraries and at NCJWSTL.

Both women have passion for advocacy and social justice and furthering the mission of NCJWSTL through their extensive volunteer service in a multitude of programs and projects.

Leadership Award
Susan Witte

A stalwart and tenured leader at NCJWSTL, Susan Witte was honored with the NCJWSTL Leadership Award in May for her outstanding commitment to furthering NCJWSTL’s organizational impact and legacy in the community.

Susan was installed as President of NCJWSTL in 2016 and served as President for 2 years. Prior to that she served on the Board for 10 years, during which she was Vice President of Membership, and a member of the Executive Committee. Over the years she has chaired various NCJWSTL projects and committees, including Community Service Evaluation; Back to School! Store Strategic Planning, Celebrating Women, and Cocktails and Closets. She currently serves on the Awards, Personal Solicitation, and Nominating Committees, is a Co-Chair of the 125th Luncheon, and Chairs the Project Development Committee.

Volunteer Service Award
Terry Cox

Terry Cox was recognized with NCJWSTL’s Volunteer Service Award for her outstanding service at The Resale Shop and NCJWSTL. For the past two years, Terry has been volunteering 16 to 24 hours per week, every week, in her position at The Resale Shop. She is a favorite amongst staff, customers, donors, and volunteers alike because of her entertaining one-liners and willingness to help anyone with anything at any time. Terry is part of a great team that works hard towards customer satisfaction and supporting the NCJWSTL mission that is so near and dear to her heart. Shop staff and colleagues appreciate and acknowledge the incredible impact Terry has made through her service; Terry is dependable, capable, caring, and kind.

Hannah G. Solomon Founder's Award

Nominations are now being accepted for NCJWSTL’s highest honor, the Hannah G. Solomon Founder’s Award.  The recipient must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exemplify the NCJWSTL mission of improving the quality of life for women, children and families
  • Expand and promote the status of women in vital areas of community life
  • Work to ensure and advance individual and civil rights
  • Provide leadership that has motivated others to fight for progress and enlightenment in our community

With this award, we strive to honor a community leader who exemplifies and embodies the tenets of NCJWSTL’s mission and work. We consider a broad range of nominees, women, and men, whose tireless efforts in many facets of the community truly resonate with our ideals.

NCJW Section Award Nominations

We honor several members each year at our May Installation event for outstanding commitment to NCJWSTL. Please see below for descriptions and previous recipients.

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader award is an award that is sanctioned by National.  This award identifies and nurtures future Section leadership. The criteria are that the recipient:

  • Has potential for assuming future Section leadership
  • Understands and supports the NCJWSTL purpose and programs
  • Demonstrates commitment to the Section
  • Currently serves on the Section board, has served for less than five years, or is currently chairing a committee or serving as an officer

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is presented to a volunteer or volunteers who have demonstrated the spirit of NCJWSTL on a particular project — the spirit of innovation and dedication.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is given to a member who has demonstrated long-term leadership efforts and service to the Section.

Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award

The Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award is given to a member who has demonstrated a strong commitment to advocacy and raising the awareness of NCJWSTL issues locally, statewide, and nationally.

Volunteer Service Award

This award was created in 2007 to begin the tradition of honoring outstanding volunteers who have given of their time and talents to NCJWSTL.

How to submit a nomination:

Include the following information with your submission:  

  • Name, address, and phone number of the candidate
  • An explanation of why you are nominating the candidate
  • Your name and phone number

E-mail Heather Libhart, Marketing Manager - Section. You can also mail submissions to the NCJWSTL, 295 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141.