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NCJW invites our members to apply for a Leadership Class Series designed to provide training and cultivation for future NCJW leadership roles.

LOCATION: Sessions will be held at the NCJW Offices, 295 N. Lindbergh in Creve Coeur and other locations to be announced.

TIMEFRAME: Eight Wednesday Evenings from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (dinner included)

COST: $54 payable to NCJW (Scholarships are available)


The program will incorporate a variety of topics, speakers and activities. There will also be a class project to help identify new opportunities for NCJW. 

 The class schedule is as follows:

Session I: October 10, 2018: Communication Strategies

Discover effective communication techniques for women in leadership. Learn how to communicate with a wide range of audiences overcoming stereotypes, biases and misconceptions.

Session II: November 14, 2018: The Dynamics of Leadership

Gain insight into various leadership styles and perspectives. Develop effective decision making strategies to accomplish goals and explore the strengths and skill sets that define a leader.

Session III: December 12, 2018: Inside NCJW

Gain a deeper understanding of The NCJW organizational culture and how it drives our work. Lean how NCJW uniquely fits in the St. Louis nonprofit landscape.

Session IV: January 9, 2019: Achieving Life Balance

Learn to prioritize and balance commitments of family, work/volunteering and personal needs. Discover strategies for how to deal with balancing it all.

Session V: February 13, 2019: Advocacy

Discover effect ways woman can speak up for themselves and for the policy areas affecting the women, children and families NCJW serves.

Session VI: March 13, 2019: A Taste of Leadership Coaching

Learn the basics of leadership coaching to bring out the best in others. Together we’ll explore how to find coachable moments, identify values that motivate, build confidence, identify options and deepen commitments.

Session VII: April 10, 2019: Leadership Logistics

Acquire the tools and techniques you’ll need to effectively lead a team, committee or organization

Session VIII: May 8, 2019: Class Project Presentation and Graduation

TO APPLY: Applications are due by July 15, 2018. Notification will be made to participants no later than August 1, 2018

QUESTIONS: Please contact Betty Kagan; Amanda Packman or Amy Weiss.