Seeking Nominations for Hannah G. Solomon Award

Nominations are now being accepted for NCJWSTL’s highest honor, the Hannah G. Solomon Founder’s Award.  The recipient must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exemplify the NCJWSTL mission of improving the quality of life for women, children and families
  • Expand and promote the status of women in vital areas of community life
  • Work to ensure and advance individual and civil rights
  • Provide leadership that has motivated others to fight for progress and enlightenment in our community

Past Recipients:

1983 Governor Christopher Bond
1984 Edith Lipsitz z”l
1985 Frank Susman and Judith Widdicombe z”l
1986  Richard K. Gram
1987  Lynn Lyss 
1988 Kathryn Nelson z”l
1989 Judy Milton 
1990 Wilma Messing z”l 
1991 Sue Shear z”l 1992 Harriet Woods z”l 
1993 Fred Epstein 
1995 Barbara Newmark 
1998 Joyce Margulis 
1999 Judy Putzel 
2002 Nanci Bobrow, Ph.D. 
2003 Judge Susan Block 
2005 Lois Caplan Miller z”l 
2006 Paula Gianino 
2007 Roberta Cohen 
2008 Rabbi Susan Talve 
2009 Ilene Ordower
2011 Joan Bray and Frankie Freeman
2012 Karen Aroesty and Meg Schnabel
2013 Vivian Zwick
2015 Denise Lieberman
2016 Marlene Hammerman
2017 Maxine Clark
2018 Rev. Traci Blackmon and Rabbi Andrea Goldstein

With this award, we strive to honor a community leader who exemplifies and embodies the tenets of NCJWSTL’s mission and work. We consider a broad range of nominees, women and men, whose tireless efforts in many facets of the community truly resonate with our ideals. Last year, Rev. Traci Blackmon and Rabbi Andrea Goldstein joined an impressive list of previous awardees who have made vital contributions to the betterment of our society. The 2019 award will be presented at NCJWSTL’s Celebrating Women event during the fall of 2019.

NCJW Seeks Section Award Nominations

We honor several members each year at our May Installation event for outstanding commitment to NCJWSTL. Please see below for descriptions and recipients for the past 10 years.

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader award is an award that is sanctioned by National.  This award identifies and nurtures future Section leadership. The criteria are that the recipient:

  • Has potential for assuming future Section leadership
  • Understands and supports the NCJWSTL purpose and programs
  • Demonstrates commitment to the Section
  • Currently serves on the Section board, has served for less than five years, or is currently chairing a committee or serving as an officer


2000 Michelle Landau Brooks
2001 Laura Klearman Silver
2002 Karen Goodman
2003 Nancy Siteman
2004 Susan Goldberg
2005 Marissa Rosen
2006 Beth Kodner
2007 Amy Hammerman
2008 Holly Bernstein
2009 Karen Silverman
2010 Erin Guyer Schreiber
2011 Andrea Newstead
2012 Jennifer Bernstein
2013 Elizabeth Kruvand
2014 Jenny Abeles
2015 Nancy (Nix-Rice) Litz
2016 Lisa Gubernik
2017 Amy Stone
2018 Allison Izsak

Community Service Award

The Community Service award is presented to a volunteer or volunteers who have demonstrated the spirit of NCJWSTL on a particular project — the spirit of innovation and dedication.


1999 Carol Gans, Susan Sigoloff and Mary Louise Steiner
2001 Dottie Schainker
2002 Gloria Cohen and Marcy Cornfeld
2003 Susan Kottler
2004 Georgia Goldman
2005 Susan Goldberg
2006 Dana Gaby
2007 Sherri Goldman and Sharee Feldman
2008 Anna Poger
2009 Karen Goodman
2010 Jenny Abeles and Peggy Pearline
2011 Elizabeth Kruvand
2012 Ilene Ordower and Debi Feit
2013 Michelle Brooks and Karen Silverman
2014 Eve Frank Bensky, Lori Goldberg, Sue Rundblad and Katie Berg Silversmith
2015 Marvin and Muriel Beckerman 
2016 Eleanor Rosenbaum 
2017 Marilen Pitler and Dianna Fine 
2018 Amy Gallant and Joyce Kolker

Leadership Award

The Leadership award is given to a member who has demonstrated long-term leadership efforts and service to the Section.


2000 Lise Bernstein
2001 Carolyn Satz
2002 Lorrie Poscover and Rochelle Weiss
2003 Farilyn Hale
2004 Sally Katzif
2005 Susan Katzman
2006 Nancy Siteman
2007 Marlene Hammerman
2008 Nanci Bobrow, Ph.D.
2009 Darien Arnstein
2010 Debi Feit 
2011 Sherri Goldman 
2012 Marilyn Ratkin 
2013 Jill Gubin 
2014 Jennifer Scissors and Amy Weiss 
2015 Andrea Newstead
2016 Gail Eisenkramer 
2017 Bonnie Solomon
2018 Amy Fenster Brown

Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award

The Fritzi Lainoff Advocacy Award is given to a member who had demonstrated a strong commitment to advocacy and raising the awareness of NCJWSTL issues locally, statewide, and nationally.


2004 Fritzi Lainoff z”l
2005 Marlene Hammerman
2006 Farilyn Hale
2007 Darien Arnstein
2008 Jill Esrock
2009 Maxine Friedman
2010 Marilyn Ratkin
2011 Jennifer Bernstein
2012 Benita Boxerman 
2013 Betty Kagan
2014 Cynthia Albin
2015 Rosalyn Borg
2016 Melissa Alper
2017 Nancy Litz
2018 Felice Joyce

Volunteer Service Award

This award was created in 2007 to begin the tradition of honoring outstanding volunteers who have given of their time and talents to NCJWSTL.


2007 Fran Zamler
2008 Hillary Friedman
2009 Susan Rich 
2010 Carolyn Satz 
2011 Leslie Waldbaum
2012 Marsha Karney 
2013 Clara Goldman 
2014 Reva Davis, Steve and Sherri Newstead
2015 Helene Meisler
2016 Judy Grosz 
2017 Phyllis Langsdorf 
2018 Shirley Alper and Linda Mantle

Include the following information with your submission by February 25th:  name, address, and phone number of the candidate; an explanation of why you are nominating the candidate; and your name and phone number.  E-mail Lisa Gubernik, Awards Committee Chair or Ellen Alper. You can also mail submissions to the NCJWSTL, 295 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141.