Make a Tribute

NCJW tributes are a meaningful way to honor and memorialize family and friends.

A variety of tribute funds help us pursue our mission of advocacy, education and community service. All tributes of $10 or more are listed in the NCJW Bulletin.

Your contribution is tax deductible! Please contact the NCJW office at 314-993-5181 or if you have any questions. Your tribute will be sent out within two days of receipt.

When you make a tribute, you can designate your gift to one of the following funds.


Back to School Store/Kids Community Closet Fund (BTSS/KCC)
William B. and Bernice Susman Lee Fund for BTSS (WBL)
Lassie Frager Fund (LF)

Services to Women

Jean Stein Bloch Wife Widow Woman (WWW-JB)
Advocacy in Action (AACT)
Women’s Emergency Services (WES)
Section Priorities (SP)
Ruth and Nancy Siteman Leadership Legacy Fund (SLL)
Healing Hearts Bank (HHB)

President’s Discretionary Fund

Harry Frederick and Ann Trepp Koenigsberg Fund (ATK)

Developmentally Disabled

Sosnoff Fund (SF)

Services to Older Adults

Crown Center and Older Adult Programs (CC)
Wilma Messing Fund (WMF)