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NCJW Pushes for Legislation to Help Working Women

The NCJW–St. Louis Section is busy promoting our VESSA legislation in the current session of the Missouri Legislature. VESSA, which stands for Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act, will help protect survivors of domestic violence by ensuring their employment will not be in jeopardy while they are obtaining recovery services. Because so many women in abusive situations remain with their abusers for economic reasons, VESSA will allow them to have the peace of mind knowing their employment will not be at risk if they have to leave work to file a restraining order, go to court, or visit a doctor.

If VESSA becomes law, employees may take unpaid leave to:

• Seek medical attention

• Obtain victim services

• Participate in safety planning, including relocation services

• Seek legal assistance

We have heard from several members of the Missouri legislature that a vital component of getting VESSA passed is support from the business community. Contrary to popular belief, laws like this actually improve productivity in the workplace. If you have any connections to local businesses and would like to advocate on our behalf, please contact Darien Arnstein or Jen Bernstein. Thank you!